TC Electronic Flashback 2 Delay and Looper Guitar Effects Pedal

TC Electronic Flashback 2 Delay and Looper Guitar Effects Pedal

TC Electronic Flashback 2 Delay and Looper Guitar Effects Pedal
TC Electronic Flashback 2 Delay and Looper Guitar Effects Pedal. The Finest range ofGuitar Strings in Australia Search Our Store. TC Electronic Flashback 2 Delay and LooperGuitar Effects Pedal. TCElectronic Flashback 2 Delay and Looper Guitar Effects Pedal.

Thenew Flashback 2 serves up a sonic buffet of expressive delay byinfusing the pressure sensitive MASH technology with our renowned delayalgorithms. Wecompletely redeveloped our Tape and Analog algorithms from scratch, recreating the tones of old school echoes with unheard realism, including every little eccentric behavior inherent in those legendarydesigns.

Wealso squeezed in a shimmering Crystal delay, made with ourown polyphonic octave algorithm from Sub'N' Up into Flashback 2. Andfinally, with 3 TonePrint slots in total, you getmore flexibility than ever, and all the legendarydelay sounds that TC Electronic are famousfor. NewUltra-Realistic Tape and Analog Algorithms. MASHreacts to the amount of pressure you put on the switch. Theharder you press, the more intense the effect. Wemade MASH controllable through the free TonePrint Editor which meansthat, you can assign to any parameter and up to 3 parameters atonce. Foreach delay preset, MASH will control a different parameter and let youexpress yourself without having to bend down to turn knobs and withoutthe trouble of getting a dedicated expression pedal. Forexample, you can assign MASH to raise the delay time as you press down, subtly increase the delay feedback into full-blown self-oscillation, orgradually add and deepen chorus modulation for out-of-tuneflutters. Weseriously improved the Tape and Analog algorithms to makethem more realistic than ever, displaying all of the idiosyncraticflutters and warbles reminiscent of the old days. Twistingthe Delay knob while playing will alter the pitch of the repeats andcranking the feedback sends the pedal spinning into self-oscillationecstasy. WithMASH added to the mix, you no longer have to strain your back to reachdown and twist knobs while mid solo. Justset MASH to control the parameter you have in mind and rock! Thetantalizing Crystal delay takes advantage the same cutting edgepolyphonic octave algorithm that made the Sub'N' Up Octaver a succes. Byshifting the pitch of the delayed signal up an octave through eachfeedback loop, we've created an immaculate shimmer. MASHingin this setting sends the delays into self-oscillation, providing youwith surges of incandescent tone.

TonePrintmeans signature effects - and signature effects means truly creativetones. From classic innovators to the guys shaping the future of music, we've asked the coolest artists around to come up with their customizedsignature version of a TC Electronic effect - and makethem available to you for free!

Youlove tone, so do we, and our design philosophy testifies to that. Sowhatever route you wanna go, we got your back. With optimized headroom, True Bypass or Buffered Bypass switch and Kill-Dry on/off, this pedalguarantees optimal tonal integrity and zero loss of tone. And, nomatter if the pedal is on or off your precious dry sound is alwayspassed through the pedal unharmed in all it's pure analog glory due toan Analog-Dry-Through. Flashback2 Delay makes dialing in a sweet delay intuitive and easy, while theaddition of MASH gives you a totally new way of using a delay pedal. Thesubdivision switch lets you choose between repeats in quarter notes, dotted eighths or both combined! Using the TonePrint Editor willprovide you with even more subdivisions.

Setthe delay time from short echoes up to 7 seconds of dreamy delay. InTape and Analog modes, twisting this knob will alter the pitch of thedelays just as in the old designs. Setsthe volume of the delayed repeats from subtly tailing your signal toalmost overpowering it!

Whether you want faint echoes or resoundingrepetitions of your signal, weve got you covered. Thisknob manipulates the number of repetitions. If you crank the knob allthe way up, the pedal will go into sweet, psychedelic self-oscillation.

Choosefrom 8 studio quality delay types (including brand new Analog, Tape, and Crystal delays) and use the 3!!! TonePrint slots to eitherdesign your own delay or select one from the TonePrint family ofartists. Pong, Slap, and LoFi delays are still available through theTonePrint Editor. Pressthe switch to turn on the pedal. After that, you simply hold down theswitch to engage MASH.

The technology is pressure sensitive so theharder you press down, the more intense the effect. Lift your foot andMASH is bypassed. Of course, you still get either true- or bufferedbypass by using the easy-to-access internal dip switch.

TheMASHlight indicates the intensity of the effect controlled by MASH. Putting pressure on the footswitch will make the MASHlight brighter andlifting your foot off the pedal will make it dimmer. Nowyou can connect an external tap tempo footswitch through the stereoinput to make tempo tapping extra easy. Foreach delay type, MASH has a different effect.

Here is a quick overview. Usingour legendary 2290 delay algorithm, MASH is assigned to raise theFeedback and input level, effectively freezing the last repetitionuntil you release the footswitch for a "hold"-effect. Thissetting is a Crystal delay where MASH controls the input level of yourinstrument. It is essentially a volume pedal that raises the inputlevel, as you press the MASH switch down and lowers it when you dont.

Inour reworked Analog mode, MASH boosts Feedback and turns down Delaytime for real time self-oscillation madness that sends the pitch flying! Usingthe classic and ├╝ber-realistic Tape mode, MASH controls Delay time andboosts Feedback to maximum for an orgy of space echo feedback. Withthe Dynamic Delay algorithm, MASH controls the gate threshold. Thismeans that pushing MASH down removes the gate, leaving you with anormal 2290 delay. Inthe Modulation mode, pressing MASH increases the depth of the TriChorusmodulation over the delayed repeats. InCrystal mode, MASH raises the Octaver send, the delay Feedback and thespacing of the Octaver's filter bank. Put simply, it controls theintensity of the shimmer effect for swells of crystalline repeats. Usingthe old school Reverse delay effect, MASH engages the kill dry-modeand mutes the dry signal, leaving only a reversed sound. Withthe looper engaged, MASH is effectively disabled. Thissetting is based on a Tape delay with MASH controlling feedback and theamount of soft clipping from the tape. Thissetting is based on a Crystal delay with MASH controlling the delayFeedback and the tone of the octave.

Newrealistic Tape and Analog Algorithms. NewCrystal delay features Sub'N' Up octave algorithm. 8high quality delay types and 3 TonePrint slots.

Delaytime, Level, and Feedback controls. Switchbetween different rhythmic subdivisions with more available throughTonePrint Editor. Connectexternal tap pedal through stereo jack. At Strings for less we aim to provide you with finest range of qualitymusical instrument strings at low prices. With over 4,000 factory fresh sets of strings in stock, you can alwaysfeel confident we have what you want in stock, fresh, and will shipstraightaway.

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TC Electronic Flashback 2 Delay and Looper Guitar Effects Pedal