Modest Mike's Line 6 DL4 with Ultimate Expression Mod

Modest Mike's Line 6 DL4 with Ultimate Expression Mod
Modest Mike's Line 6 DL4 with Ultimate Expression Mod
Modest Mike's Line 6 DL4 with Ultimate Expression Mod

Modest Mike's Line 6 DL4 with Ultimate Expression Mod

This listing is for our fully modified Line 6 DL4 (you get the modified pedal). We are also throwing in a free power adapter.

If you are in your left foot, then you must be in your right mind. I have one of these in stock set up for Lefties. Just let me know if you want it.

Just google Modest Mike's Mods. Check out the reviews at sites like The Gear Page, Harmony Central, Telecaster Guitar Forum, Strat-Talk.

Com, The Amp Garage, Noisy Music, Ultimate Guitar. Quality workmanship, great customer service, low prices, and.

Nobody beats Modest Mike's Mods! You can add this one to the list of coolest pedals you have seen lately! We took a Line 6 DL4 and added our Double Presets mod.

Expression Pedal mod, volume drop mod, LED upgrade, and also a complete switch upgrade! The Line 6 DL4 gives you a multitude of delay effects. You get an arsenal of sounds in a pedal that is easy to use.

Just plug in and go! It sounds great in mono, and also offers you a 24 bit true stereo signal path. If you are not familiar with this pedal, just do some googling. Its all over the net, and it is simply one of the best guitar effects pedals available today. We made this one better!

A whole lotta love went into this pedal! This DL4 comes complete with our Ultimate Expression Mod. Check out the two added switches and LEDs there at the top of the pedal. The extra switch and LED on the upper left gives you double the amount of presets! You can have two pre-selected, customized delay effects on each switch. For example, I like setting it up so I can have a slow repeat, but also a fast repeat option on the same switch.

And then there is the switch and Led on the upper right for the expression pedal/knob which has also been added to this pedal. You won't need to find extra space for an expression pedal, this one is built in! You can use your foot to scroll from one extreme to the next, or anywhere in between. So you don't have to stop playing and reach down to turn knobs...

You can change it on the fly. We can also mount the expression pedal/knob on the left side of the pedal if you are... Underground Pedal Mods has a couple of videos that explain these mods better than I do. Check them out at the end of this listing. The first video explains the Double Presets Mod. " In the second video, a Line 6 MM4 is used to explain how to use the "Ultimate Expression Mod. This DL4 has all mods mentioned in these videos, and more! We also do the Volume Drop Mod on this pedal. Many musicians who use the stock DL4 have mentioned there seems to be a slight drop in volume when switching from the clean signal to the delay effects. This mod was developed by Jeorge Tripps. The secret is knowing which two SMT resistors are responsible for the wet volume. We swap those out for resistors with different values. The stock switches on this pedal are put together in pieces. You can see that the one on the left has a spring that bumps up against a memory switch. Lots of musicians report having trouble sooner or later with these switches. You just dont need to be playing live and lose your effect, or have to step on the switches an extra time or two. We removed those spring loaded suckers, and hard wired in heavy duty Momentary SPST Soft Touch switches (as seen on the right). They are super quiet, no malfunctions, and built to last. We also did an LED upgrade.

These are all bright water/clear LEDs. The lenses are clear when they are switched off.

When switched on, the two at the top are 5mm. The four at the bottom are 3mm. For the flashing tap tempo.

A blinking bright white tap tempo LED will not drive you nutso. We will also throw in. On the back of Line 6 pedals near the power jack, it states this pedal needs a minimum of 1200mA. Some folks are using other methods with less than recommended power for this pedal. There are two good reasons for using the included adapter.

1 The mods will not work properly unless you have a minimum of 1200mA. 2 The best reason for using the included adapter is this adapter filters the current, This will help to eliminate background noise, and extend the life of the pedal. These mods make a great pedal even better! See the videos at the bottom of this listing. The first has a sound sample. The second shows these mods and how to use them, the MM4 is shown here but the mods work in the same way for our DL4. Comments from folks who have bought one of our modified DL4's, or have had their DL4 modified by us. Dear modestmikesmods, Modest Mike really came through for me on this pedal mod....

My DL4 was always pretty sweet, but now it sounds twice as good. I don't feel like an ass turning it on anymore during jams because the volume drop is gone so the sound quality is purer. The footswitches are super smooth making looping noticeably smoother. The new LEDs make the pedal look badass, especially in the dark.

Mike also did the double preset mod which is amazing. Being able to switch from one type of delay to a crazier or sublter version of that delay type with the tap of a switch puts a lot of power in your hands. The pedal for me now serves as the main component on my board for making huge soundscapes. Alongside that, Mike added an expression knob on the side of the pedal so I can smoothly transition between the two delay types (normal preset and the double preset) as I please.

Between the double preset mod and the expression knob, the pedal can do infinitely more things to the point where I can't really imagine what it would be like to have a DL4 without them. On top of it all, the mods were done at a price that is more affordable than anyone else I could find online. Thanks so much Mike for the mods you do, you're awesome. Daniel" "Mike, The DL4 looks and sounds great! Thanks again for being so quick and responsive with everything.

I will now go bury myself back in the basement for the commencement of strange sounds. The fidelity is way higher, its amazing really. I have no issue whatsoever with the pedal now. It is happily on my board ready to be used every time I play.

Thank you fort all the hard work and for the extremely fast work. I'll be passing on your name to lots of people. I Have a Uni Vibe setting that sounds Real "To Me for the First time" Great Work...

Can't wait to send my other Pedals to You! I wanted to let you know that you did a great job on the DL4.

Sounds much more transparent than before. I also love having the expression pedal built into it.

I don't have any room on my board for a full size expression pedal, so this helps. The LEDs are so bright I can't even look into them for more than a second or two. Overall, it looks and sounds awesome and you got it back to me fast. Hey dude, I got the pedal. It is exactly as I imagined it to be, just full of awesomeness!

Thanks again brother I have already distributed your cards to the most passionate of my music friends. If you are into a bit of psychedelic prog rock, check out Brendan's band on youtube. Lady Strangelove is an Australian group, and they are currently recording by invitation, their debut album with Sylvia Massy. Sylvia has previously worked with the likes of Tool, Johnny Cash, Prince, Red Hot Chili Peppers, A System of a Down, and the Beastie Boys in Weed, California.

Thanks Mike, for a great MOD... Received the DL4 yesterday, looks and functions great! Jan bought one of these for her husband for Christmas. The pedal arrived on Christmas Eve, and my husband loves it! I really appreciate the effort you put into making it happen. Thanks for looking, and keep rockin! Modest Mike's Mods Ultimate Expression Line 6 DL4 Demo - YouTube. Video will open in a new window. The Ultimate Expression Mod: Line 6 DL4, MM4, AM4, FM4 - YouTube.

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Modest Mike's Line 6 DL4 with Ultimate Expression Mod